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  • Creation


    God created the heaven and the earth. At this time the earth was formless and darkness was all over it. Seeing this, God created light and saw that light was good. As well, God created the day and night,  sky, and waters. On the third day, God separated the land and the seas and gave the lands vegetation, wild animals, livestock, and ground creatures according to their kinds. Then, God created the moon, the sun, and the stars. After, God created mankind in His image. God blessed men and women by telling them to rule over the sea and the sky. Then God gave humans vegetation and trees with fruit on them for humans and beasts to eat. On the seventh day God rested from all His work. The man was named Adam and God made a woman from the man’s rib and called her Eve. 

  • Fall


    One day Eve found a serpent which was the most dishonest of all animals. The snake convinced Eve that if she ate the forbidden fruit she wouldn’t die, she would be like God and she would know the difference between good and evil. The snake convinced Eve and she ate the fruit with Adam. After this, they knew the difference between good and evil and they realized that they were naked and they felt ashamed. When God came to see Adam and Eve, the hid from Him. Adam and Eve told God that the serpent deceived them into eating the fruit so God cursed the woman, the man, and the serpent.

  • Flood


    Humans began to increase in number on the earth and they started to populate the earth, but they were evil and wicked. God saw this and He decided that He was going to wipe out the entire humanity from the earth. But God saw a righteous man named Noah, God commanded Him to build an ark. He made a covenant with Noah where he told Noah that he and his family will be saved from the flood. God told Noah that two of each kind of creature will come to the ark. Noah has to store food for all the creatures inside the ark and for his family. Noah did as God commanded him too, and he and his family waited for the day of the flood. On the day of the flood, all kinds of animals came to the ark. Rain fell on the earth for forty days and forty nights. After a lot of time, God sent a wind and cleared the water that was flooding the earth. So Noah, the creatures, and his family came out of the ark.  Noah built an altar for God and He promised to never wipe out the entire planet again. 

  • Babel


    The whole world spoke the same language and they discovered the brick. With the brick they built cities and they decided to build a tower that could reach the heavens. They wanted to do this because they wanted to become famous. God saw that they were disobeying His command that tells humans to populate the whole earth. So God scattered humans over the world and gave them different languages. 

  • Patriarchs


    God told Abram that if he left his country and his people then God would make him into a great nation. Abram did what God commanded him to and he took with him his wife and his nephew. Abram took with him all the possessions that he had and he went towards the land of Canaan. When he arrived there God told him that he will give that land to his descendants so Abram built an altar for God there. He continued traveling and he arrived at the land of Egypt. In that time the land of Egypt there was a lot of famine so he told his wife to tell the Egyptians that see her that she is Abram’s sister. The pharaoh saw her and he took her to his palace. God saw this and He inflicted the pharaoh diseases and he sent Abram and his wife on their way. 

  • Moses


    A new pharaoh came to rule over Egypt and he was that the Israelites were fruitful and multiplied a lot. The pharaoh thought that if the Israelites became too powerful they would turn against Egypt. Because of this, he decided that he would kill every Israelite baby that was a boy. He told his people that all Hebrew boys should be thrown to the Nile river but he would let every girl live. One day a baby was born and her mother threw his baby in the river in a basket. The pharaoh’s daughter found him and hired his mom to take care of him. She named the baby Moses. 

  • Joshua


    Moses dies and he gives the leadership to Joshua. Joshua sends spies to the land of Canaan and some Canaanites turn to God. Then, Joshua leads the land of Israel to the promised land. Then the Israelites have some conflicts with the Canaanites but God helps the Israelites and they come victorious. After some years, Joshua starts dividing the land for the 12 tribes. When Joshua is dying he tells the Israelites to obey the covenant and if they do there will be life and blessing for the Israelites. But if they don’t obey it then they will have the same consequences as the Canaanites. 

  • Judges


    Israel adopted the culture and the Canaanite way of thinking and worshipping. Because of this God allows the Israelites to be conquered and oppressed by the Caananites. Israelites see their error and they repent so God sends a “judge” to save the people of Israel from oppression. But then the Israelites would sin again and the cycle would repeat. The first 3 leaders or judges were good and followed God’s commands.  But the next three leaders were bad because they would keep sinning after saving  Israel. Then there is a lot of murder and destruction because Israel didn’t obey God.

  • Kings


    The Israelites and the Philistines have a series of conflicts where the Philistines take the ark of the covenant because the Israelites brought it to battle as a trophy. Because the Philistines took the ark and put it in the temple of their God, God sent plagues to the Philistines and they return the ark. The people of Israel tell Samuel that they want a king like all the other nations so Samuel goes to consult God and He tells Samuel to find a king for the Israelites. So Samuels searches for a king and he finds Saul. Saul starts as a good king and he is successful but after some time he disobeys God´s commandments and because of this Samuel tells Saul that God is going to raise a new king. So God finds David which is a Shepard. He defeats a warrior named Goliath with the help of God. With the help of God, David rises up to power. This makes Saul make him want to kill Daniel. Saul starts chasing Daniel trying to kill him.   But Daniel trusts God, and Daniel becomes a king.  

  • Division and Exile

    Division and Exile

    Solomon becomes king of Israel and asks God for His wisdom. Solomon asks God for help to rule Israel. Solomon builds a temple in God’s honor. After he builds the temple, Solomon makes a lot of bad decisions like worshipping other gods and instituting slavery into Israel. When Solomon dies, his son becomes king and he keeps doing what his father did. Because of this, the kingdom of Israel splits in two. Then there are a lot of kings and the bible shows how they ruled. Also, there is a lot of prophets that warn the kingdoms about the commandments of God but the kings don’t listen. It all ends with the exile of the people of Israel

  • Return


    The king of Persia tells the Israelites that they can go back to Israel and try to rebuild the temple. Zerubbabel leads a group of Israelites to Israel and they start to rebuild the temple. Israelites that were not exiled offer help with the temple but Zerubbabel refuses, creating a conflict that is eventually solved.  About 60 years later, Ezra which is a teacher of the Torah goes back to Israel with a group of Israelites to teach the Torah and rebuild the culture of Israel.  Ezra realizes that some Israelites married non Israelites. He tells the non Israelites to go back because he thinks that they will corrupt Israelites like the Caananites. Then Nehemiah goes to Israel to rebuild the walls. Prophesies say that Israel will be united will all the nations and will have no walls but Nehemiah thinks different and causes hostility between the people surrounding Israel.